III International Conference on Updates in Onco-Hematology and Cell Therapy

Date: September 22nd and 23rd

Format: In person

Local: Sirio-Libanês Ensino e Pesquisa | Rua Professor Daher Cutait, 69 - Bela Vista

• Dra. Maria Cristina Seiwald
• Dra. Yana Novis

The International Conference on Updates in Onco-Hematology and Cell Therapy aims to bring the latest in these areas, which have seen great scientific progress in recent years. It aims to promote the exposition and debate of themes, in addition to encouraging interaction between participants and speakers.
The event will address the latest and most relevant advances in these fields, issues that directly impact the day-to-day clinical care, presenting and discussing them with a critical view on the subject.
There will be the opportunity to witness and interact with international and national speakers, professionals who are world references in areas of hematology, such as acute leukemias, chronic lymphoproliferative diseases, lymphomas, plasma cell neoplasms, bone marrow transplantation and CAR-T cells.
We look forward to seeing you all at the event, welcome!

Target Audience:
• Physicians specializing in hematology, onco-hematology and bone marrow transplantation

• Update in Hematology, focusing on onco-hematology
• Bone marrow transplant
• Cell therapy

• International Speakers
• Interactive classes

Certificates: The certificate will be released within 15 days after the event, on the registration platform.

Parking: Third-party service provided by the company INDIGO, prices from R$ 100.00 for a period of 10 hours. Consult values ​​upon arrival.


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Maria Cristina N. Seiwald, MD

Yana Novis, MD

International Speakers
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Craig Moskowitz, MD

Gilles Sales, MD

Gloria Iacoboni, MD

Maria Victoria Mateos, MD

Miguel Angel Perales, MD

Othman Al-Sawaf, MD

Richard M. Stone, MD

Robin Foà, MD

National Speakers
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Fabio Kerbauy, MD

Giancarlo Fatobene, MD

Guilherme Duffles, MD

Guilherme Perini, MD

Jessica Ramos, MD

Otavio Baiocchi, MD

Vania Hungría, MD

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Andre Domingues, MD

Aliana Meneses, MD

Anita Cortez, MD

Amanda Rassi, MD

Amanda Udo, MD

Ana Rita Fonseca, MD

Erick Menezes, MD

Dra. Luciana Tucunduva, MD

Mariana Serpa, MD

Martha Mariana Arruda, MD



Schedule: Friday, 22nd of September 2023
*Programming subject to changes and guest confirmations

Participation live online
Recorded video participation
08h00 Registration In-Person: Ensino e Pesquisa Sírio-Libanês, São Paulo
08h30 – 08h40 Opening
Dra. Yana Novis e Dra. Maria Cristina Seiwald
Session: ALL
Chairs: Dra. Luciana Tucunduva e Dra. Maria Cristina Seiwald
08h40 – 09h00
Current treatment of ALL – how to choose the best protocol?
Dr. Robin Foà
09h00 - 09h20
Ph + ALL in 2023: is there an optimal approach?
Dr. Robin Foà
09h20 - 09h40
HCST after CAR-T cells for ALL – is it a must?
Dr. Miguel Angel Perales
09h40 – 10h00
Q & A
Dr. Robin Foà e Dr. Miguel Angel Perales
10h00 – 10h30 Break
Session: Aggressive Lymphomas
Chairs: Dr. Erick Xavier e Dra. Yana Novis
10h30 – 10h50
Recent developments in the treatment of DLBCL, besides CAR-T cells
Dr. Gilles Salles
10h50 – 11h10
Mantle cell lymphoma first line treatment – is BMT upfront no longer needed?
Dr. Gilles Salles
11h10 – 11h30
CAR-T cell therapy vs Auto in RR DLBCL
Dr. Miguel Angel Perales
11h30 – 11h50

Q & A
Dr. Gilles Salles e Dr. Miguel Angel Perales
Session: CAR-T Cells
Chairs: Dr. Miguel Angel Perales e Dra. Ana Rita Fonseca
11h50 – 12h10
Preparing for CAR T-cell therapy: patient selection, bridging therapies and lymphodepletion
Dra. Gloria Iacoboni
12h10 – 12h30 Vaccination and prophylaxis for CAR-T patients
Dra. Jessica Ramos
12h30 – 12h50
How to manage CAR -T Cell toxicities: real world experience
Dra. Gloria Iacoboni
12h50 – 13h10
Q & A
Dra. Gloria Iacoboni e Dra. Jessica Ramos
13h10 - 13h55
Satellite Symposium Kite – CAR-T Cells
Session: Multiple Myeloma
Chairs: Dra. Mariana Serpa e Dra. Anita Cortez
14h00 – 14h20
Smoldering Myeloma – to treat or not to treat?
Dra. Maria Victoria Mateos
14h20 – 14h40 Current approach to frontline therapy for transplant eligible patients: most recent data and role of BMT
Dra. Vania Hungria
14h40 – 15h00
Immunotherapy for multiple myeloma – biespecifics + CAR T
Dra. Maria Victoria Mateos
15h00 – 15h20
Q & A
Dra. Vania Hungria e Dra. Maria Victoria Mateos
15h20 - 15h50
Satellite Symposium Janssen – Multiple Myeloma
15h50 – 16h20 Break
Session: Hodgkin Lymphoma
Chairs: Dra. Yana Novis e Dr. Otavio Baiocchi
16h20 – 17h00
Current state of Hodgkin Lymphoma
Dr. Craig Moskowitz
17h00 –17h20
Question and Answer Session
Dr. Craig Moskowitz
Session: Bone Marrow Transplant – BMT
Chairs: Dra. Aliana Meneses e Dr. André Domingues Pereira
17h20 – 17h40
Optimizing GVHD prophylaxis: Post Cy for everyone, and ATG?
Dr. Miguel Angel Perales
17h40 – 18h00 Chronic GVHD: current approach and novel drugs
Dr. Giancarlo Fatobene
18h00 – 18h20
Q & A
Dr. Miguel Angel Perales e Dr. Giancarlo Fatobene
Schedule: Saturday, 23rd of September 2023
*Programming subject to changes and guest confirmations

Session: AML/MDS
Chairs: Dra. Maria Cristina Seiwald e Dra. Amanda Rassi
08h40 – 09h00
New classification for AML/MDS and importance of NGS in current approach
Dr. Richard M. Stone
09h00 – 09h20
Novel therapies for AML
Dr. Richard M. Stone
09h20 – 09h40 Management of patients with lower-risk MDS
Dr. Fabio Kerbauy
09h40 – 10h00
Dr. Richard M. Stone e Dr. Fabio Kerbauy
10h00 – 10h30 Break
Session: Indolent Lymphomas
Chairs: Dra. Martha Mariana e Dra. Amanda Udo
10h30 – 10h50 Follicular Lymphoma: When should autologous stem cell transplant or cellular therapy be considered?
Dr. Guilherme Perini
10h50 – 11h10 Management of Marginal Zone Lymphoma
Dr. Guilherme Duffles
11h10 – 11h30 Q&A
Dr. Guilherme Perini e Dr. Guilherme Duffles
11h30 – 12h10
Satellite Symposium Beigene – Novel therapies for indolent B cell Lymphomas
Session: CLL
Chairs: Dra. Ana Rita Fonseca e Dr. Andre Domingues
12h10 – 12h30
Selecting initial therapy in CLL
Dr. Othman Al Sawaf
12h30 – 12h50
Relapse/Refractory CLL: where are we now?
Dr. Othman Al Sawaf
12h50 – 13h10
Dr. Othman Al Sawaf
13h10 – 13h15 Closure

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